a few notes about Team Freedom.

Hey Princesses!

I wanted to answer a few questions here. I’m starting to get similar questions, and this is the easiest and quickest way for me to answer them.

BUT first a personal note: I am SO stinkin’ happy so many of you want to run again!! And I’ve gotten no less than a dozen emails from our ATL princesses who want to come down and run! This makes me SO excited. We had 134 women on the team this past year. I think we’ll have over 200/300 this year. God is good!

Princess Pasta Party this past February!







Common questions:

1. How do I register?

Registration is a 2 step process, not including the fundraising. You can find out more and/or REGISTER HERE!

ATL friends, this is your link to REGISTER. (It’s the same page with 2 exceptions. 1) It takes you to 93.3 website. 2) It reinforces the run is at Disney, and not in the Atlanta area).

2. I’m coming from Port Charlotte, Gainesville, ATL, where should I stay?

For Saturday evening, everybody will DEFINITELY want to stay in Orlando. And IF at all possible, on Disney property. It’s an early early early, did I say EARLY morning start, and you’ll want to be as close to the start line as possible.

Princess Sarah, Princess Tiff, Princess Abbey, Princess Molly

3. Do I register with Disney as an individual or as a team?

Individual. While we are absolutely, positively a TEAM, our team is being formed through The JOY FM.

4. Can I sign up for the Disney Princess Half and not raise money?

Yes. But you’ll not be part of TEAM FREEDOM. Sorry to sound harsh, but the point of TEAM FREEDOM is to raise money to help fight human trafficking. Please feel no pressure to become part of TEAM FREEDOM. The first time I ran the Princess Half it was for my 40th. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with running with a bunch of girlfriends just for fun. I encourage it! However, the goal, purpose and mission of TEAM FREEDOM is to raise awareness and funding for rescue and restoration of human trafficking victims. (otherwise, I wouldn’t be running! haha!)

5. Where is the money specifically going?

Abolition International

6. The registration at Disney is full, but I still want to run.

This was a question from last year, but I anticipate it again this year. Sadly, this will have to be the answer and I am SO sorry! here it is: TEAM FREEDOM can only take registrations until Disney is full. The JOY FM is not sponsoring the actual run, so we have no authority over capacity at Disney. If you’re really interested in running with TEAM FREEDOM, definitely WATCH the “% full” at Disney.

7. When do I get my T-shirt?

At the Princess Pasta Party on February 23, 2013.

8. When do I get my tiara?

At the  Princess Pasta Party on February 23, 2013.

9. When do I get my goody bag?

At the Princess Pasta Party of February 23, 2013.

Princess Tiffany & Princess Natalie

10. Can I bring my family to the Princess Pasta Party?

Due to limited seating and budgeted funds for the dinner, each runner is allowed to bring ONE (1) guest.

11. Can I bring my daughter/son as my guest?

Yes! However, I would highly recommend bringing children 14 or older. Of course, this is at each parent’s discretion. Like last year, we will have a few women speak who’ve been rescued from prostitution and trafficking. The subject matter is very hard, and isn’t suited for younger children. I will say that the testimonies of the two women who spoke last year, were some of the most impactful, life-changing words I’ve ever experienced in my life. Most notable was Telisia’s. Her life verse is Proverbs 24:11. She said, “We can’t watch people being led off to their slaughter, and say we did not know.”

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.  If you say, “But we knew nothing about this.” – Proverbs 24:11

12. Where will the Princess Pasta Party be?

TBD. I’ll need to watch participation numbers. We maxed out last year at our venue. I’m pretty positive we’ll need a bigger venue this year.

13. When will I get the details of the Princess Pasta Party?

When Abolition International receives your required fundraising requirements, they will notify The JOY FM. We will then send you an Evite with details of the Pasta Party. I most likely won’t design the Evite until after this first of the year. BUT, the Princess Pasta Party will be on Saturday afternoon, February 23, 2013 in the ORLANDO area.

14. Where the Princess Pasta Party be?

hahaha! I’m messing with y’all now! lol. Just got that question A LOT last year. It will be in the ORLANDO area, Saturday afternoon, February 23rd.

15. Is there a way I can connect with the other members on the Team?

YES! Once you’ve signed up for TEAM FREEDOM with us (The JOY FM), we’ll send you an invite to a closed group on Facebook. It’s been fun to watch this community grow and encourage one another this last year.

Princess Jacqueline

16. What’s on your playlist?

I will try and post that in the next few days.

17. I’m registered with Disney. And I’m registered for TEAM FREEDOM, but I won’t be able to make the Princess Pasta Party, how will I get my goodie bag, tiara & T-shirt?

When you RSVP “no” to the party in January, we’ll mail your goodie bag, tiara & T-shrit.

18. Is this event only for women? I want my husband/boyfriend/dad to run?

Sign up! Men can run this race if accompanied by a Princess (Disney’s rules; not mine). I think it’s AWESOME/HILARIOUS/FUNNY that I’m the only woman running on The JOY FM staff. So far, my co-workers who’ve registered to run with us are men. Jayar. Krispy. Fitz. Jake. Hitch. And I. LOVE. IT! They have a heart for this issue, and know that men play a vital role in abolishing human trafficking. I’m honored they’re choosing to stand with me in this cause. I work with some GREAT guys!

19. What is your training schedule? 

Working on it as soon as I’m done typing this blog. Will post with playlist!

20. I have an organization that is involved in human trafficking, I want to volunteer, or help sponsor something with TEAM FREEDOM, who do I contact?

Email princess@thejoyfm.com. I’ve assigned one our newest staff, Hitch, to help me with correspondence.

21. I have more questions that you didn’t answer.

Email princess@thejoyfm.com.

A quick note to the Princesses who ran last year: If you see someone comment on this blog post, to which you know the answer, would you help them with the answer please? THANK YOU!

And lastly, for YOU who are ALL IN with me, I love you SO SO much! It’s an honor to run with you.  Together, we’ll keep running for those who aren’t Free. To. Run….YET!

We ended up raising over $60,000.00!




6 Responses to “a few notes about Team Freedom.”

  1. Kelly September 24, 2012 at 1:55 pm #

    I am SO excited you have chosen Wellspring to raise money for this year for the disney princess half marathon! They are an awesome organization and you are going to really enjoy your tour (although I’ll be honest, you will probably cry too). I’ve had the priveledge of volunteering with wellspring and the love they have for these girls is awesome. You and your friends are doing a really amazing thing Carmen! I can’t wait to see how much you are able to raise to help these girls.

  2. Taylor Herd September 28, 2012 at 12:52 am #

    Hi Carmen!
    My name is Taylor and I love, Love, LOVE the Morning Cruise! I listen to it whenever I can. You are hilarious and every time I’m listening I laugh out loud! The people on my bus must think I’m crazy. :). Anyways, I heard you talking about wanting to have a bonfire for Carmen’s Crew, but you didn’t have a place to do it? I may have a solution to your problem. You see, my church’s youth group has this piece of property where we hang out and host events. We often have bonfires on location. Would you like me to see if we can set up a bonfire there? The property is located right next to East Lake High School, and is hard to miss. Also,I was wondering if we could just chat? I love your personality and think you are a wonderful woman of God! So anyways, let me know about the bonfire! Thanks! :).

  3. Kim @ EverythingEtsy October 2, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

    Awesome! Thanks for all the info…I might have to give it a try!


  4. Evie Ortiz October 3, 2012 at 3:27 am #

    Hey Carmen,
    Just wanted to follow up about the marathon in February. I still don’t see that you posted the playlist and I would love to hear the same music you listen to while you run. Just wondering when you’ll be putting that up on the blog. Thanks!!

  5. Sabrina Carroll October 26, 2012 at 6:10 pm #

    I signed up for the race. I signed up for Team Freedom. I want to get started on my fund raising but I don’t see information that I can use to send out to my co-workers and others. I’m new to this cause. Can you help me get started?

  6. Melisa Russo November 12, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    I’m super excited to be running for the first time with Team Freedom. I registered with Disney a week ago then registered on the team site…how long before I hear rom someone on the donation process and such? I have businesses willing to make donations, but don’t have any information.
    Very eager to get started!!

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