I’ve been in radio over 15 years. It all started at Q105 in Tampa with the Cooper & Ritter Morning Show.  My degree is actually in Public Relations, but when God called me to “the public” – I never knew it would be so . . . well, public. I love all genres of music, but have found my home in CCM (contemporary Christian music).  I live my life on the air much to the chagrin of my family. Just kidding! They’re totally supportive.

I love a good cup of coffee (Starbucks Cafe’ Americano) along with good, meanigful conversation with a friend. It may also be surprising to some, that I require a lot of solitude! On those days, you can find me with a good book, my laptop, or my bible study. Of course, a cup of coffee is nearby on those days too!  And YES! I LOVE football, and my favorite afternoons are spent sitting with my family watching as many games as we can surf and find.

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