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Mary, Did You Know?

Today has been about as perfect a day (minus the too hot temperatures!) as you could have leading into the Christmas season. I slept late, awoke to the smell of coffee that my sweet husband had made for me, and watched yesterday’s Oprah with Rascal Flatts, Vince Gill and Amy Grant. A GREAT morning. I quickly added some songs to my iPod that I wanted to intentionally listen to while riding my bike. I even placed them in the playlist on my iPod so they would begin as I turned into Flatwoods.

I told Dave & Bill yesterday that I wanted to tell the story of Jesus’ birth similar to how we told the Easter story this past April. I knew a few of the songs that I wanted to use . . . Breath of Heaven, O Holy Night, Born in Bethlehem, and of course . . . my FAVORITE . . . Mary, Did You Know? As I was riding along listening to the songs, I was writing verbiage in my head to coincide with the lyrics that I heard. As I was listening the lyrics from Mary, Did You Know . . .

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy has come to make you new?
This Child that you delivered will soon deliver you.
When you kiss your little Baby you’ve kissed the face of God?

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy is Lord of all creation?
Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy will one day rule the nations?
Did you know that your Baby Boy is heaven’s perfect Lamb?
The sleeping Child you’re holding is the Great, I Am.

I could barely hold back the tears!! I instantly went to one of my favorite verses found in Isaiah, Chapter 9, verse 6:

For to us a child is born, to us a Son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

As I finished decorating the tree this evening, I looked for the 2nd of our two Nativity sets. Our first set was my mother’s that she has passed on to me. It’s very weathered and shows evidence of being stored underneath our trailer when I was a young girl. The 2nd set is one that I bought last year. It’s pewter, and absolutely gorgeous. I love both of them very much, and plan to pass them on to my girls when they are older. When I went to set up the 2nd a few moments ago, I couldn’t pull out Mary and Baby Jesus without hearing “Mary, did you know?”

Could Mary have possibly known? I don’t believe so. I don’t think she had any idea that the child she’d just delivered had been born to deliver her. To deliver us. To bring us life. No, I don’t believe she had any idea that one day she would see Him hang on a cross to cover her sins; our sins. No, I believe she was a young girl who was simply open to being used by God. And when God called, she answered, “Yes”.

It's Not About You!

That’s what I had to be told yet again this year. And I’m sure at some point, I’ll have to be gently told again next year. Here’s the deal . . .

I’m not a fan of playing Christmas music as early as we do. But here’s the reality – the numbers don’t lie. Each year, when we get the “numbers” back (term that measures “cume” – number of people listening and “TSL” – time spent listening – bet you didn’t know radio was that technical, huh?) we see – once again . . . in black and white . . . that our audience doubles (sometimes more than doubles) in the month of December. What we’ve come to see in the last several years is that people are searching for Christmas music. And the place that they’ve found it has been other mainstream radio stations. Now, please don’t hear me say that mainstream radio stations are bad. Many are not. But . . . if we are a Contemporary CHRISTIAN radio station – why should all these potential listeners have to find Christmas music at a station that doesn’t celebrate Christ’s birth the other 11 months of the year?

If our whole mission is about spreading the love of Christ, and celebrating His birth, and resurrection, then why wouldn’t we as Christians not want to offer them something that they are searching for? Perhaps the reason they are searching is because deep down they know that there is something much bigger than Christmas itself as just another holiday, but perhaps that there is a hope that can be found. A hope in the child. The child that was born to die. To die for our sins.

What it came down to was simply this: the ministry potential of playing Christmas music outweighs our own personal taste – in other words, this few weeks of Christmas celebration is not so much for US as for the documented thousands of folks who are not regular listeners who WILL listen during the holidays.

A couple of additional notes:

1. We are NOT in any way starting Christmas music early to keep up with retailers or merchandisers. THAT I can promise you!

2. We choose to play some of the classics mixed in with the sacred – Classics such as Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” or Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song”, and others in hopes that new listeners will hear some of the songs that they recognize, and will perhaps “stick around” for a few more songs. No one likes to listen to all unfamiliar tunes.

3. This is a well thought out, prayed over decision.

For additional questions and answers, visit our website at

Think of it as giving up your seat at the 11 a.m. service at Easter, and attending the 8, so that those who don’t normally come to church will have a place to sit and hear the message at 11.

So – will you join me in letting it be about them . . . in hopes that they’ll hear about HIM?

Thanksgiving Vacation!

If Chevy Chase ever wants to get a jump on his Christmas vacation – he can always head over to my house around Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving in the Brown house this year . . .

Wednesday – call from my mom telling me that she won’t be over this year, because my step dad wants to go over to Daytona to be a part of the “Turkey Run”. I know it has something to do with cars and some other cool stuff, I’m sure. Keep in mind – my stepdad always does what my mom wants to do. He’s very accommodating, and loves her very, very much. Thanksgiving is my mom’s favorite holiday, so it was a little tough agreeing to go . . . but I’m sure the they found some turkey somewhere.

Thursday – my brother-in-law who is visiting from Ft. Lauderdale breaks the toilet seat in the guest bathroom. So . . . all weekend long, if you used the guest bath, you sat on a duct-taped wrapped seat. I’m sure this has to fall under, “you might be redneck . . . ” in at least one of Jeff Foxworthy’s one-liners. And here’s the best part – Pete and Vic (my brother-in-law) went to Home Depot and Lowe’s on Friday and could not find a match. Pete, being in real estate, just wouldn’t have it. Might devalue the house. The house that isn’t even on the market! Funny how dishes, sheets, or guests towels don’t have to match – but – toilet seats . . . Never! Vic left a $20 on the counter to cover the seat. I got a pedicure.

Thursday evening – Pete, Vic and I are watching the Colts game in the den. The rest of the gang are in the “front room” playing monopoly. My sister in law, who is an accountant, is beating everyone. My youngest, Abbey is pretty much bankrupt. All of the sudden, we hear belly laughs from everyone in the other room. Once I investigate, I discover that my brother has taught my youngest how to counterfeit money. Yes, you got it! We have a copier on our printer in the office. My brother has told Abbey to go and xerox the monopoly money. And she’s already cut it!! I told Abbey that I hope she landed on “Get out of jail free” ’cause that’s exactly where’s she’s going! And for any of you that are worried – yes, I have talked with Abbey about counterfeiting; yes, she knows it’s wrong; and no, I’m not worried about her. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
You can’t make this stuff up!!

About My Father's Business . . .

I’ve been doing T-Shirts for Turkeys for about as many years as I’ve been in radio. And it is -without a doubt – my FAVORITE promotion. It has all the right ingredients . . . fun, fellowship, (church word for hanging out), and food for those in need.

Last night, however, was my most memorable stop. And it wasn’t because of what happened during the stop. It was what happened afterwards. After the stop, Abbey & I delivered turkeys to River of Grace, a homeless mission in Tampa. Abbey has never been exposed to a shelter, and she was really eager to go. Her eyes lit up when I told her that we were delivering them that night. She asked a thousand questions on the way down there, and sat on the edge of her seat not knowing what she was going to see. I think there was a degree of curiosity, but that was outweighted by her child-like faith and desire to help.

When we arrived, we were greeted by what you would call the “least of these”. But the least of these were some of the most grateful, kind, and sweetest men I have ever met. In their brokeness, a simple frozen turkey was a blessing. At least a dozen men helped unload the turkeys . . . so many that no one had to make a second trip. As I looked at them in their tattered and dirty clothes, I was thrilled that I could ask them if they’d all like a new shirt. It instantly became Christmas morning. They lined up and received their new JOY FM T-shirt, as if they’d just been handed the new keys to a car. Abbey had jumped in the back of the van to personally see to it that they all had the size they had requested. (Tho, they would’ve taken anything that we would’ve given them).

As Abbey & I drove away, my heart was overflowing . . .

  • I was grateful that God had let me be a small part of His story.
  • I was proud of my daughter and her tender-heartedness towards the poor.
  • I was embarrassed at the things I fret over.

In Isaiah, chapter 1:17 , we’re told to encourage the homeless and oppressed. Defend the cause of the orphans, and plead the case of the widows.

Jesus, help me to be about my Father’s business. Not my own.


Someone had to go down . . .

Unfortunately, it was Indy. :-(
The Colts lost to the Pats. Yuk! It was not a good football weekend for me and Pete. USF lost, Alabama lost to LSU (congrats to Dave), and the Colts went down. Oh well, it’s only football, right? I must note here tho that the Bucs DID win!

We had a great time at the game. As a matter of fact, we changed the lightbulbs during the TV timeouts. And my girlfriend, Marti enjoyed the game . . . as soon as she got over her altitude sickness. Just kidding! The atmosphere was electric, and it was fun to see three football greats on the field – Tony, Peyton & Tom Brady. So, we were more than happy with our “Ebay-bought nose-bleed” seats! On our way out of the RCA Dome, we ran into Jeremy Camp. He was pulling for the Colts, too! And in addition to that, Lauren Dungy was on our flight home. It was a nice getaway weekend.

Matthew . . .

Matthew West spent the morning with us today. He is absolutely one of my favorite people!! Not only is he an amazing artist, but he is one the best communicators I have ever met. He’s funny, witty, sincere, and just really fun to be around. Me, Mary Mary, Matthew and Josh (with Matthew’s label) went to dinner last night, and litterally laughed until our sides hurt. As I was driving home, I got to thinking . . . in all of my years in country radio, I never had moments like this. Don’t get me wrong – there were some GREAT moments. But none like I’ve experienced since becoming part of The JOY family. Wanna know the difference? Jesus Christ! When Jesus is at the center of your relationships, nothing can compare. There’s a connection . . . a community . . . that transcends, and people that you’ve only known for a few years or even months feel like they’ve been friends forever. And the reality is – they will be! Praise God!

This morning was hysterical! We went from changing dirty diapers to calling Matthew’s brother, Joel and hearing what kind of brother Matthew REALLY was when they were growing up. Matthew also shared about the valley he went through this year. Back in the Spring, Matthew found out that he had to have surgery on his vocal chords. Not really something you want to hear when your profession requires them. He did have surgery and was ordered to be totally silent for months. He was armed with a white erase board, and left with lots of time to think. He quickly realized how our plans are not always God’s plans. Matthew was set and ready to go with his new project, but with the diagnosis, his plans came to a screeching halt. However, he tells the story much better me. For high-lites of this story and the others from today’s show, log onto and click on The Morning Cruise’s “As Heard On”.

Matthew’s new CD is coming out in January ’08. It’s called, Something to Say! Interestingly, Matthew had already chosen this title BEFORE he found out he had to have surgery. I’ve been listening to an advance copy for a couple of days now. It’s terrific!! To read more about Matthew, visit

Meet my girlfriend, Andrea . . .

It’s kind of interesting how I met Andrea. (Pronounced Ahn-drea) She actually had my job here at the station before I did. She was the Promotions Director before me. Though, I’ve since become the Program Director, I can remember sitting in my interview and being told how well liked Andrea was, and that it was going to be really tough to replace her. There went my confidence. :-) Well, I eventually got the job, and after my first week, it was apparent the love/mourning for Andrea was more than I could have imagined. I can even remember thinking, “what is so great about this girl?” And then when I heard she had only been at the station 11 months, I thought “Gees! To make that kind of impression in such a small amount of time. Now I really feel like crap!” At the end of my first couple of weeks Andrea called me from Nashville and said, “I gotta meet the girl everyone’s telling me about”. I said, “Me? Lord have mercy – it’s YOU they love!” We laughed hysterically and ended up talking on the phone for hours. At the end of the first conversation I had with Andrea, it was abundantly clear to me why she was so cherished. I’m now among that group. She has become one of my dearest friends over the last several years. She is hysterically funny, and she can make you laugh so hard it hurts.

Sadly right now, Andrea isn’t making anyone laugh, nor is she laughing herself. Andrea is going thru a really hard time. Her father had to have emergency surgery and is not doing very well. Please pray for Andrea and her dad. I was visiting her myspace a couple of minutes ago to get an update, and leave her a note . . . and I was greeted by the blog below on her site. It’s so good, I really wanted to share.

“Lessons Learned”

Sitting in a hospital room waiting on the next test results, I get antsy. I’ve found myself either working on my laptop, or thinking through some things. Along this new journey (so far 3 days), I feel like I’ve had some realizations and special moments. Here are a few.

>never underestimate the power of a song. even the songs that never impacted you can move your soul in a moment of pain.

>when facing a day full of possible tears, only apply mascara on the top lashes.

>the idea of not being touchy-feely doesn’t apply when you’re faced with wondering if you’re in your last moments with someone you love.

>who knew that I could enjoy watching WWE wrestling with my dad.

>there is a sobering moment when you realize how powerless we really are. I’ve had several of these lately, and have re-learned the meaning of trust.

>I’ve never longed for the power of truth from the Bible like I have over the past 3 days.

>reconciliation is just giving up the past and walking toward the present with open arms.

>not being afraid to ask the hard questions.

>understanding that you can be a friend to your parents.

>finding joy in combing my dad’s hair while he’s sleeping.

>holding hands with my mom and sister and praying as a family.

>trusting God that he knows what’s ahead and how we’re going to get through it.

Brazos del Dios

Today was literally a dream come true. Seriously. Last Thanksgiving when I was finishing “Same Kind of Different As Me”, I looked at Pete and said . . . “I am soooo going to Rocky Top Ranch one day”. Pete replied, “Carm, there’s not a doubt in my mind that you will.” Well guess what . . . I did today!!!

Ron owns a ranch west of Ft. Worth called Rocky Top. It sits on top of a mountain above the Brazos River. Ron & Deborah spent many years coming here with their children. The view is absolutely gorgeous and the feel of the ranch is that of a peaceful retreat. When no one is talking the silence is deafening. The ranch house itself is gorgeous and was built to look old. Ron shared a story that when the cabinet guy was putting in the kitchen cabinets, Ron asked him to “beat them with a hammer to make them look old and worn”. The carpenter said, “Mr. Hall with all due respect – I just can’t do that to my craft.” So Ron jumped in his truck and went and beat the cabinets himself!

A ways from the house is the cemetary that Ron & Denver built for Miss Debbie. Around the grave is a wrought iron fence with an archway that reads “Brazos del Dios” meaning “the arms of God.” Nearby is a leaning tree and a flat rock. This was Deborah’s favorite spot on the ranch. She felt the leaning tree and the flat rock made a natural gazebo. I sat on this rock with Ron today and stared at Deborah’s headstone. I said to Ron, “how is it that one life can cause someone to fly from Florida to come and see a glimpse of a life of someone whom I’ve never met? Could you ever imagine when Deborah died that you’d be sitting here with a complete stranger totally moved by her life?” Only God and Deborah’s obedience could orchestrate such a thing. I’m sure if someone told Deborah the impact that she would have for YEARS to come regarding homelessness and selflessness, she wouldn’t have been able to wrap her brain around it. Let her be an example of the impact and influence of one person.I can’t even begin to imagine the pain that Ron, Regan, Carson and Denver have felt. A pain I hope I don’t know anytime soon. But . . . knowing Deborah through Ron & Denver, I believe if God gave her an option to do it another way, I don’t know that she would have. Just in our listening area alone, look at the number of people who have been impacted by her story . . . and in turn are reaching out to our homeless brothers & sisters. We’ll never know how far reaching til we’re on the otherside of this life.

I believe Deborah was probably a lot like Paul. She counted it a joy to share in His sufferings, so that God may be glorified.

“. . . if you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God.”
1 Peter 2:20.

She is . . . after all . . . now in the arms of God.

Houston, We have a Problem . . .

Not really. Landed in Houston today with my friend, Patina, and it’s the only title I could think of. However, I think the road system in Houston is a problem. Not only is Houston really spread out, it’s also the most confusing place that I’ve ever driven. But . . . we do have TomTom and that is comforting.

We caught up with my sister in broadcasting, Susan O’Donnell at KSBJ in Houston. Susan is one of my favorite people. She does mornings at KSBJ and conincidentally Dave worked with Susan in Houston for about 4 years. Casting was in concert tonight at the Toyota Center. I must confess it was nice to see a show and not be working!!!

We went to a Mexican restaurant called Pappasitos. Can I just say that they have the best con queso dip that I’ve ever had in my life!! So good that I might go back to Houston just for that!!

The Summer Cruise II . . . We're Not Who We Were

Most mornings on my drive to work, my prayer starts like this: “God, thank you for my life. Thank you for this radio ministry and thank you for letting me be a part of it!” Seriously. And after this past week, my prayer is even more heartfelt.

Last week (July 16-20) our morning show, The Morning Cruise, “cruised” our listening area broadcasting LIVE from 10 different locations in 5 days. Actually the broadcasts are simply a means to hang out with our listeners. We hug them. They hug us. We take pictures. (Lots of pictures!) We hear their stories. They tell us how The JOY FM has been a significant part of their lives, or how that certain song was played at just the right time. We call it The Summer Cruise, but simply put, it’s a family reunion!

Added to this year’s Cruise was Brandon Heath. Brandon is a national recording artist. He is a Christian. And if I was accurately describing him I would say that he is a servant-hearted follower of Jesus. Brandon’s debut album, Don’t Get Comfortable has already produced two radio singles, “Our God Reigns” and “I’m Not Who I Was”. The latter is currently #1 on the Contemporary Christian (CCM) charts. To say that this song has spoken to hearts across the country is a gross understatement. “I’m Not Who I Was” speaks to who we are before Christ, and who we are after Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says: “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

“I’m Not Who I Was” is intensely personal for Brandon. While he protects the identity of the person he’s writing about in the song, (and no, it’s not an old girlfriend! J) he willing confesses that he had some un-forgiveness in his heart. Before Christ. The music video to this song is simple, yet powerful. Folks are holding whiteboards and written on them are who they were before Christ and who they are after receiving Christ. We did our own version of the music video with our listeners on The Summer Cruise. For example, one listener wrote “Bartender”. The next board stated “Bible Teacher”! Other examples were more inward: Angry to Controlled; Depressed to Joyful.

As listeners were sharing their one-word/phrase testimonies for the video, I was struck by what a sense of community I felt. I was overwhelmed by the honesty and confidence that I saw. The scripture hit me afresh. We ARE new creatures. We’re all in this together and the transforming power of Jesus is something so much bigger than we can even comprehend. Addictions are broken. Relationships are restored. Hurts can be healed.

At one stop in particular . . . in and around the organized chaos . . . I happened to glance over and I saw Brandon singing to a young, blind boy leaned over the tray of his wheelchair. No bright lights, no big stage. Just an artist singing to his audience of one. O.K.,maybe 2. No doubt God was smiling.

The Summer Cruise II. 10 towns. 5 days . . . we’re not who we were 6 days prior.


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