Gasparilla Training Schedule!

Hey Guys!!

Here’s the training schedule I’ve been promising you! I’ve signed up to do the 15K
(9.3 miles). The run is February 22, so this schedule is doable. If you wanna be a part of TEAM FREEDOM, you can register here! We’d love to have you!

PS…When I get to work on Monday, I’ll get one of the IT geniuses help me make this into a .pdf that you can download.

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haley. update!


My daughter, Haley, blogged a few months ago about her battle with weight. If you missed it, you can read it here. I was proud of the courage she showed, sharing her deeply personal struggle. I’ve heard from so many of you…wanting to know how she’s doing, or wanting to let her know that you struggle too. And some of you simply are wanting to root her on! Both of our hearts were tendered by your sweet words. Speaking for myself only, I know all about letting the scale determine how we feel about ourselves. A few pounds up … it can bum you out for the day. A few pounds down … you literally wanna skip to the closet to put your clothes on! It’s literally a roller coaster ride of insanity! All of our numbers and goals are different, but I’m pretty sure we can all relate to the feelings and emotions.

All this said, I’ve been SO proud of Haley! She’s down 20 pounds!! I asked Haley to give us an update. Here’s what she sent me:


For the last couple of weeks, I have been living in a weight loss haze, as I have decided to call it. I have been going through the motions of eating healthy, but feeling emotionally disconnected from the new lifestyle changes I’ve been making. I kept finding myself distracted and unfocused on my goal. One of the commitments I made to myself when I started this journey was to dive all in. I told myself that if this time was going to be the last time (meaning, my last time to truly lose the weight that I’ve battled for so long), I had to make weight loss something that influenced and impacted my entire lifestyle from the things I ate, to the things I read, to the things I thought and prayed about.

Somehow I had found myself going through the motions with an almost apathetic state of mind. I decided to have an intervention with myself. I was driving to work the next morning literally saying out loud, “Haley you have to get your head in this. You have been distracted, unfocused and unmotivated. If you don’t pull it together and get your head in it, this will be over before it even really begins.”

I thought I had taken care of my “state of mind” problem, but I was so wrong! My pep talk boosted me up for a couple of days, but eventually that faded.

Abbey & Haley

Abbey & Haley

Until a couple of days ago, I couldn’t figure out why the last two weeks have been so much harder than the first few.

But then I figure it out….

Throughout this journey, I have only been looking one week into the future. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself by the whole journey so I allowed myself to only worry about one week at a time. And it had been working, until two weeks ago. I was having some quiet time a couple of nights ago when it hit me. I had been trying to do this alone. I woke up that Monday morning and started my weekly journey without the ONE person that I absolutely need by my side: God. I didn’t realize it but I had stopped praying for guidance and support. I had stopped talking to God about my cravings and asking Him to help me crave Him more than food. I had stopped making this a spiritual journey and simply made it a physical one.

I was letting the distractions of everyday life consume me. I allowed my thoughts to be clouded and my attention to be altered. I started seeing success in my journey and I let my guard down. For me, this has always been a spiritual journey. I re-started the “Made to Crave” devotional on YouVersion. I’m on Day 1 again and I’m already seeing the impact of starting it over again. Lysa writes, “The process of getting healthy has to be about more than just losing weight and focusing on ourselves… It’s about recalibrating our souls so that we want to change for the right reasons. I’ve realized that a healthy eating plan can be one of the most significant spiritual journeys I’d ever dared to take with God.”

I am down 20 pounds so far. I am very happy I hadn’t started putting weight back on. That being said, I knew that if something didn’t change within me, I was on the brink of another failed attempt at losing my weight.

If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans,
even there your hand will guide me, and your strength will support me.
Psalm 139: 9-10

Buffalo Chicken Muffins


Dave found this recipe a few weeks ago. Abbey & I made them over the weekend for Pete’s college buddies who were in town. OH. MY. WORD!

So good!!!!


Buffalo Chicken Muffins

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Yield: 24-30 rolls


1 recipe Pizza Dough
1 onion, chopped
1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into small pieces
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup favorite Buffalo Sauce (I used Ken’s)
2 cups fresh mozzarella


Sauté chopped onions in butter over medium heat. Once transparent, add chopped chicken. When chicken is done, add Buffalo Sauce and heat for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.

Preheat oven to 400. Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper or non-stick spray, or, opt to use a prepared muffin tin.

Divide dough in half. Roll each half into a large rectangle roughly 1/4 inch in thickness.

Spread chicken and cheese evenly across each piece of rolled out dough. Starting from long side of dough, begin rolling the dough up like a cinnamon roll. Pinch ends when done. Slice into 1 1/2 to 2 inch rolls. Place on the baking sheet or in muffin tins. Bake for 15-18 minutes, or until cheese is bubbling and dough is lightly browned. Serve and enjoy!

PS… I served with Blue Cheese & Ranch dressing. Great for dipping!


Buffalo Chicken Muffins!

Buffalo Chicken Muffins!

not even a sparrow.

Permission to be dramatic?


Y’all. OH. MY. WORD!!!!! If walking out of that orphanage two years ago was one of the hardest days of my life, today was one of THE best!!

I don’t even know where to start. I could start with the absolute THRILL of seeing Baby Carmen again (not as much a baby anymore!) Or – the absolutely awe-inspiring way our Heavenly Father reminded me today: “Carmen, I do see them.”

Baby Carmen’s parents, Jacob and Melody brought Baby Carmen to the hotel where we’re staying in San Pedro Sula. Just before lunch, I was sitting in the lobby with a few of my team members staring – anxiously, giddily, joyfully – at the front doors to see the curly-haired princess who stole my heart a few years ago. Actually I think she stole the hearts of the WHOLE JOY FM family!

I recognized her immediately as they walked through the glass doors! I jumped up and ran to her, reminding myself she didn’t know me from Eve! I certainly didn’t want to scare her, but goodness gracious I was happy to see her!

Her parents are PRECIOUS!! They are two of the most humble people I have ever met. And even though I barely know them, I do know they most likely wouldn’t be comfortable with me even saying this. But know this: They are two people who are simply living out their faith and giving themselves away…..

We visited for quite a while, giving Carmen a chance to warm up to the crazy blonde lady who kept staring at her. She was very tentative for a good long while, not sure what to make of the audience she had commanded. This gave me the chance to hear Jacob and Melody’s story. They’ve been in Honduras for four years and are parents to many Honduran children. They are missionaries. This is their home. And they are here to raise the children the Lord has entrusted to them.

Jacob, Melody, Carmen and their son, Juan stayed and had lunch with us. {Sidenote: Baby Carmen LOVES ravioli! I honestly don’t know where she was putting it!} There were 35 of us gathered around the table….our team, the Buckner in-country staff, the interpreters, and this family we barely knew, but do indeed love so much. There were two things that kept running through my head.

First, if the banqueting table is anything like this in Heaven, I can’t wait to get there! We feasted together, enjoying one another so so much! Our hearts were knitted together, in a way that extended beyond words. Truly a picture of what I believe God has invited, and is inviting us to…..

The second thing was the scripture in Matthew that says:

‘What is the price of two sparrows – one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid, YOU are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.”

{Chapter 10}

At the risk of sounding Christian-ese …. Y’all! this truly is HOW big our God is! And the thing I love most about Him? That while at the same time we can pray “be BIG God, we need You to be big!” {And we can all agree that He flat showed out in this story!} We can also know He will be so very personal. Personal enough to orchestrate a reunion of a precious child I met 2 years ago (almost to the day!) for 2 hours!

One last thing I need for you to know is that YOU made a difference in this child’s life. Melody said several times today, that she is “convinced it was the prayers of our community that directly changed the course of this child’s life.” I know most of you might not get to meet Baby Carmen this side of Heaven, but when we all get there one day just look for us at the bangueting table. We’ll be the ones eating the cheese ravioli.

Here are a few pics from today:

Carmen reunited with Baby Carmen








Honduras 2013

my co-worker Bryan Scott, who we affectionately call Bwall, carrying the winner of "ALTO!"

my co-worker Bryan Scott, who we affectionately call Bwall, carrying the winner of “ALTO!”

this lil guy could HU.Lah.HOOP! And we were happy to be his audience!

this lil guy could HU.Lah.HOOP! And we were happy to be his audience!

Michael from Newnan had some moves too!

Michael from Newnan had some moves too!


Honduras 2013. Day 1


It’s after midnight my body clock time, and I’m ’bout to fall in bed, but I wanted to post a few pics from today! The orphanage we visited today was a private orphanage that cares for children who are HIV+ or have AIDS. I was so happy to see three smiling faces that I recognized from the last time I was here!! One of them is Dania. I don’t have a picture of her on my camera, but I’ll try and grab one from another team member tomorrow. It made my day that she remembered me too! She’s as beautiful as ever, and was all dressed in pink. The team from 2011 will remember Denzel, too! He’s still here, and as cute as ever!!  Internet is more of a challenge this visit, but hopefully we’ll find some “hotspots.”

Tomorrow we’re visiting the orphanage where Baby Carmen was. Luis said we’d see about 90 children tomorrow. Definitely keep us in your prayers tomorrow!! We do feel them when you pray! THANK YOU!

I love you!

A few pics from today…..

duck. duck. goose!

duck. duck. goose!

Brandon met a new friend, Roberto, today!

Brandon met a new friend, Roberto, today!

He was REALLY ticklish!

He was REALLY ticklish!

Love this pic!

Love this pic!

This is my daughter Abbey's 1st mission trip! It was super cool that the first girl she held was named "Hailey." (Abbey's big sister is named Haley!) We love you Haleybug!

This is my daughter Abbey’s 1st mission trip!

Siebe & Francis!

Siebe & Francis!

They love when you play ball with 'em!

They love when you play ball with ‘em!

Baby Carmen. re-visited. Pt. 2


This was originally published on September 16, 2011

I will not leave you as orphans….

After I found more team members for the toddler room, Shaun walked me to the infant room.  There were babies everywhere. At least a dozen. There was also a boy who wasn’t a baby at all. He was special needs, still wearing a diaper, and a onesie that could no longer snap, but now fit him as a snug shirt. (in the picture I posted a few days ago, he is wearing a red shirt; that was later put on him). He waved at me as I walked in.  It was abundantly clear that of all the babies who got little to no attention, this boy got even less. If his wave could’ve spoken, it would’ve said, “look at me! I am here! please somebody see me.”  I greeted him with a kiss on the forehead.  He raised his hands and reached for me. They were all reaching for me.  Shaun & I walked through the 4 rows of cribs that made 2 aisles.  In the very first crib were 2 newborns. I immediately noticed the one on the left (remember this for later). She was BEAUTIFUL!! Absolutely perfect. Perfect lips. Perfect fingers. Perfect nose. And perfectly sleeping.  I walked though and looked at the rest of the babies.  Most were special needs; or “without potential” as they are labeled.  Their life is their crib. One little boy had a tumor on the top of his head the size of a lemon. There were dozens of others, some with tubes, some not. They were all either listless or asleep.

Like the toddlers, I wanted these babies to be held. I left the room to find more team members. A mixture of anger and overwhelming grief were my two emotions. I found Pat, Lesley, Audrey, Gwen and Marci. As much as I tried to prepare them for what they would see, there really is no way you can do that. When you enter the room and see the conditions, babies on the floor, babies in their cribs; rows & rows of babies, it simply takes your breath away.  We walked through the door, and I watched my friend’s eyes simultaneously fill with tears. Each went to a baby; some scooped up two. My friend, Gwen reached down to pick up Colvin (we later learned) as if she were picking up her own son for the very first time (she has 2 grown ones). Colvin was the one with the lemon sized tumor.  The perfect newborn in the front crib was still sleeping. Marci got down in the floor with the special needs boy and had 2 more on each hip. I joined her with 2 others.  We were all just rocking, crying, rocking, and crying some more.  After twenty minutes or so, I knew what we needed. We needed Jesse.

jesse playing for the babies

Again, like the toddler, I peeled babies off of me and handed them to my friends. I ran downstairs and said, “Jesse, get your violin and come with me NOW!”  We ran back upstairs. Jesse – just like the rest of us – had the same reaction when he walked through the door for the first time.  Seriously, it takes your breath away. Your eyes are seeing the conditions, but your head and heart are rejecting it.  You can’t wrap your brain around the fact that this really exists. Jesse, definitely still processing what he was seeing, pulled out his violin, looked at me and asked, “what should I play?” Instinctively I said, “Amazing Grace.”

When Jesse began to play, the sweetest aroma filled the room. The babies who could crawl or walk, moved in a little closer. The ones we were holding, sank into our arms a little deeper.  For the next 15 minutes, we held babies to “How Great Thou Art,” “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” “Jesus Loves Me,” and “It is Well.”  During, “It is Well,” I lost it completely.  It wasn’t  well with my soul. There was nothing about this place or this room that was well with my soul. If anything, I wanted Jesus to come back right then and there.  After a few more songs, Mike, Sam & Nate came to us. They had been playing for the toddler room.  The music continued. Music has always been a key part of these trips. Today it was therapy. If you could’ve seen how these babies responded to the boys playing, you would’ve been amazed. The calm. The peace. You could physically feel the healing power of music. I  glanced over at the crib, and the little sleeping beauty that I’d been keeping my eye on was still sleeping. After a few songs, Mike wasn’t even singing anymore. He and Jesse were just playing. They’d lost Sam to baby holding. Nate was already in the floor holding two.  I wanted to freeze frame this moment. I was witnessing pure and undefiled religion in the eyes of the Father.

Holy Ground

And then I heard someone say, “Sam, look at me,” … meaning they were taking a picture. I looked over and Sam had MY baby! :) I smiled at him, and said, “No, Sam, she’s mine!! I’ve been waiting for her to wake up for almost an hour!”  He knew it was a righteous jealousy. :)  I eventually made my way to this precious little girl, and held her as if I really could bring her home. Gwen was still holding Colvin, and we held our babies in the back of the nursery as Mike & Jesse continued to play.  We swayed and rocked those babies to the music….the thing that mothers do when we hold babies. It’s instinctive.  Almost simultaneously, we asked each other, “I wonder what their names are?”  We’d decided that if we couldn’t find out, we’d name them ourselves. Because we both needed to have a name for these babies.  Colvin was going to be Jose’ and my baby was going to be Isabella.

gwen & colvin

A little later, Shaun came in and told me we’d need to leave in about 10 minutes.  The tears hadn’t stopped flowing since I first stepped foot in this room, but they were really flowing now. I asked God, “Lord, please please please let me know who she is when we’re in Heaven one day. Lord, please let her walk up to me and say ‘I’m the little baby girl you held that day.'”  I told Mike & Jesse we had time for 1 more song. They’d been playing instrumentally this whole time.  So, with no words – only music – they began “Someone Worth Dying For.”  Oh my goodness, that song has never sounded sweeter to my ears.  Emotions were already tender, and we were clinging to the truth: one day there will be no more tears, no more pain, no more goodbyes. When the boys were finished and putting away their guitar & violin, I said to the team, “Look at this little girl. Because when we’re all in Heaven one day, I want y’all to be there when the Lord lets me know who she is.”

We only had a few minutes left. And even though Gwen and I had named our babies, that really wasn’t settling for us. We both agreed we had to know their names before we left.  One of the orphanage workers was back in the adjoining room. They’d mostly left us be with the babies.  One of our interpreters was there now, too, as we were all saying our goodbyes.  We asked the interpreter if she’d ask the worker to come over to our side of the room. She met us at the little gate that separated the rooms.  As you have read, Gwen’s baby boy was Colvin.  After we got Colvin’s name, we asked about my baby girl. The interpreter said, “this little baby…what is her name?” The worker pointed to my baby and said, “this baby?” We said, “Si. Si.”  She said, “su nombre es Carmen.”

All I will ever remember about that moment is looking at Gwen and both of us letting out an audible sob. Her name was Carmen! We couldn’t believe it. The baby that I was first drawn to when I walked into the nursery. Her name was Carmen! If ever I wanted to take a baby, it was now. I’m not sure if I know what weeping really is, but I was in the back of this nursery holding this baby crying uncontrollably.

But it was time to go. I didn’t have a choice.

“car car” has a whole new meaning

Laying her back down in that crib, was one of THE HARDEST things I’ve ever had to do in my life.  My heart wasn’t just in pieces. It was out of my chest and in the crib with Carmen.  I couldn’t look back. We walked out the nursery and down the steps. I was literally hyper-ventilating and could not catch my breath. We looked back up to see a little boy peering out the window at us. That only made it worse. I walked through the courtyard, into a hallway towards the front gate to try and catch my breath, hoping for a moment of respite. I didn’t find one. A truck had just pulled up delivering another newborn.

“I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you.” -John 14:18.

Emotionally, physically and spiritually depleted, that was the only thing I hold onto.

i will always remember this moment


sweet pat’s heart was breaking too

jesse & another sweet pea

Baby Carmen. re-visited. Pt 1.

Hey Friends!

We’re done with our whirlwind shoe wrap, and will be back in the studio tomorrow. While out all last week, I heard to predominant statements from you:

1) Will you see Baby Carmen when you go back?
2) Will you please tell the rest of the story with Baby Carmen?

Half of you knew about Baby Carmen & half of you didn’t. For those of you that didn’t, I’m gonna re-post the 2-part blog that I originally posted two years ago when we all met Baby Carmen….

Originally posted September 14, 2011

As I began to journal, I realized this will have to be a 2-parter. (I’m getting good at those on mission trips). There’s so much I want to share with you. I’m struggling with being completely honest – or – softening the truth a bit.  The reason I would soften would be filtering sensitivities to governments, government workers, and the buckner in-country staff of which I have huge respect & admiration (the work they do here is hard. they are the unsung heroes!!!)

But I am choosing to lay it out there, as I saw and experienced the orphanage we visited yesterday afternoon. But even with that said, my words will fall woefully short in painting the picture for you. It’ll end up being a black & white at best.

looking from the inside out

Hands down, yesterday was the hardest day I’ve ever experienced on a shoe trip in 4 years. If there’s a notch above homeless, this orphanage was it. When I say food, water, clothing (barely) & shelter; I mean food, water, clothing and shelter. That’s it.

Besides the one little boy with open sores from head to toe and an eye that had been severely wounded at some point in the past , we were greeted by no one when we arrived. Hear me say, we don’t deserve to be greeted, nor do we expect it. But most times the children are playing in the yard as we walk through the gate, or at least we see the director or a worker. But not here. It could’ve been deserted except for the one little boy, as far as we knew.

As we walked through the hallway into the courtyard, we entered the “prison.” We were standing in the middle of a two-story building, a perfect square with multiple rooms, barred windows, and locked doors. I walked past a couple of windows, and lots of little eyes looked back at me. The children had already been split into groups and each team was shown which room they would serve. The green team (my team, but mostly I’m a floater) went to our assigned room. We didn’t have the names or shoes sizes of the children, so we took construction paper, traced their feet, and found sizes based on the tracing. The kids were sitting on 2 sides, backs against the walls. The room had bare walls, terra-cotta tile, and that was pretty much it. Oh, there was one column in the middle of the room. I think there was a chair here or there, but I couldn’t stop looking at the kids to really notice anything else in the room. But whatever was there, wasn’t much. It was barren and sterile. The kids looked like they’d been swept in off the streets. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game. Here’s where it was equal: each had bald spots on their heads, open sores, infections, lice, rotting teeth, dirty feet….you get the picture. They had big brown eyes, but many looked dazed, hollow, and sad. I did get a couple of sheepish grins from a few of the girls. There were 3 in particular that were huddled together. Clearly, “they” were all “they” had.

We’d made the decision that the boys (mikeschair) would follow behind the shoes and play songs for each of the groups in their respective rooms. When shoes were done for our group, and the boys were singing, Shaun (our group leader) came and got me because she wanted me to see the toddler room. When she opened the door, the first thing that hit me was the stench. It smelled like this room housed the sanitation department. It was anything but. Our team was holding as many kids as they could, some double-fisted, but they were out-numbered. A little boy “toddled” over to me; his diaper in desperate need of changing. He reached out his arms wanting me to hold him. I picked him up and he laid his head on my shoulder. He smelled terrible. And not just from the diaper. He was a dirty, and looked like he’d not been bathed in weeks. I swayed, rocked and hugged him as tightly as I could. Of course, I wanted it to be a 1:1 ratio, so after a few minutes, I tried to sit him down so I could go downstairs and recruit other professional toddler holders. When I tried to sit him down, he wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck as if I was hanging him over a cliff. He did NOT want to let go. Of course, my natural instinct was to hold him a little longer. Two more times I tried to sit him down so I could go for others, but he wasn’t having any part of this. The reality of his conditions sucker punched my heart. A dozen questions went through my mind: how often is he held? what is he thinking? what parts does he understand? what must it feel like to not have daily human touch other than an occasional diaper change? does his sub-conscience kick in and say “if I hold on tight enough will one of them not let me go?” I walked over to Pam, who may’ve already had 2, and I said, “please hold him. I can’t sit him down.” Walking out of the room to go and find others, part of me felt guilty that I was yet another in his life who would let him down.

After I found more team members for the toddler room, Shaun walked me to the infant room.

And here’s where I’ll stop for tonight.

And just FYI, there’s no “rest of the story” to the toddler room. There’s no red bow. They are still orphans. And they are still there.

haley. part 2.


Hey JOY family,

I knew you were wonderful. But this last week, you proved it once again! THANK YOU for all of your sweet notes and words of encouragement to Haley this past week. I kid you not….Haley and I have read EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT. Many of you have emailed me, as well, and I’ve read all of them. As a mom, thank you for showing so much encouragement to my daughter. I just can’t even believe how many of you care. Goodness, I love you so much. I really, really do.

This has become mine & Haley’s new motto:

Discipline is trading what you want now for what you want MOST.

With God’s help, we both hope to live more disciplined. And to crave Him more than anything else.

Haley sent me a blog post last Wednesday, but as you can see, I’m just now posting. Sorry!


From Haley:

I am sitting in my bed reading through your comments and am completely overwhelmed by the stories, prayers and words of encouragement that has been poured over me the last week. I am truly in awe of the amount of support you all have given me and can barely read through my tears! I have never felt so loved.

Sitting at the table last Sunday night watching my mom publish my blog post was one of the scariest experiences of my life. It is never comfortable to put yourself out in such an open forum but I’ve been living in my comfort zone for way too long. Something I’ve come to learn about myself over the last year is that I have both an extreme fear of failure and an extreme fear of success. I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect while also telling myself that I’m not good enough to actually succeed. So I choose to take the safe, familiar route. I stay comfortable with where I am and tell myself that it’s good enough. However, God doesn’t want us to be comfortable. He wants us to be genuine and vulnerable and that’s where I am right now. I want to draw closer to Him and to do that I have to let go of the biggest chain that has been weighing me down. Literally! This realization is what led me to be so open with you all. I truly appreciate every kind word you have written and can feel the love you all are giving me.

I am a little over a week into my journey and I’m already down six pounds. My roommate’s dad is a doctor and he has me on a very clean diet.

For those of you that have completed your journey, congratulations! I am so happy for you and I can’t wait to be there with you! I know the journey never really ends, but you are all much healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually. Keep praying for all of us who aren’t quite there yet.

For everyone that is on this journey with me, we can do this! Everyday I wake up and turn my addiction over to God. I am learning to crave Him more and food less. I will keep each of you in my prayers and I hope you all will be praying for me and each other. This is not a battle that is easily won, but I believe that we can win it.

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.” Matthew 19:26

This one helped me too!

This one helped me too!

made to crave.


Here’s the link to the Made to Crave: 21 Day Challenge Bible Study that we’re doing!  If you have a YouVersion account you can go straight to it. If you don’t, it super easy to create one. You can even set it to where it comes to your email!  Day 1 starts tomorrow!

Join us!

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