On this Eve of Thanksgiving 08, I’m sitting at my desk, listening to new Christmas music. The station is pretty much empty – only a few of us here – and I’m absolutely loving it!

It’s nice to have these times to reflect and think about what I’m most thankful for. Of course there’s always the top 3 that everyone says . . . God, Family, Friends. But there are definitely other things of which I am extremely thankful.

Music. I simply can’t imagine life without music. Music transcends words and speaks right to your soul. It says the things that words alone cannot.

Coffee. One of life’s greatest pleasures. And definitely one of mine! Please, Jesus, let there be a Starbucks in Heaven. That would be . . . . well, heavenly!

Pillows. And I have 3 verwwwwy special pillows!

My Pillow: I have a Tempurpedic (sp?) pillow that my youngest daughter Abbey bought me 2 years ago for my birthday. It’s the greatest pillow ever. And the fact that it came from her makes it all the more special. Me don’t like feather pillows. No, no! :)

My Lucy Pillow: It’s a heart shaped “I Love Lucy” pillow that Pete gave me last summer. It brightens up my office.

My Body Pillow: I started using a body pillow when I was pregnant with Abbey, and after she was born, I couldn’t part with it. I’m on Mr. Body Pillow III, but Mr. Body Pillow IV may be in my near future.

Pedicures: Is there really anything better?

The Beach: OK, maybe there really is something better than pedicures!

Sunsets: Nothing like a Florida sunset! And I have a chance to see them everyday! God, help me to be intentional about seeing more of them next year.

My partners, Dave & Bill. We tease each other so much on the morning show, but I truly love them with all of my heart. They really are my brothers. We fight like it sometimes, too! (If there were only a way to transmit when the mics were off. Now that would be some interesting radio!) Seriously, I could not ask for 2 better men of God to serve alongside each and everyday. It is a joy.

Twitter: It’s something that I can actually keep up with. That makes me feel successful at something. I like that.

Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest: Don’t you just love the Living Word of God? It’s alive yesterday, today and forever! It’s almost scary how I can read my daily devotion and it ABSOLUTELY applies to what I’m experiencing that day! That’s the Word of God, folks!

Football: I know they say baseball is America’s pastime. I beg to differ. It’s definitely football!

My JOY FM Family: They’re the best, and I wouldn’t trade them for all the tea in Boston or China – or whatever that saying is. They work tirelessly and love our listeners and carry their burdens for them more than you can know. They pray without ceasing, and work with a joy in their hearts as unto the Lord.

My Nashville Peeps: I’ve been in radio for a long time. And I’ve never loved a group of people that I see only a few times a year more than I do these folks. You know who you are! And if you’re reading this . . . yes, it’s YOU! :)

My Friends: I have the bestest friends. I do wish that I could make time slow down, so I could spend adequate time with each of them. They love me in spite of my schedule. I do long for the day that the conversations don’t start with, “I know you’re busy, but . . . ” I hate that! God, help me give them the time that I want and that they deserve!

My Family: My Mom & Will (mainly b/c he can fix the things that Pete can’t! Ha!), My Aunt B & Uncle D (and here y’all think that everyone in Alabama has 2 names!) Ashley & Andrea. My aunts, uncles & cousins that I don’t get to see nearly often enough, but think about everyday. My dad, Ken, who couldn’t fight his disease here on Earth, but now has complete victory in Heaven. And Jerry, my step-dad who was a significant part of my teenage years and up til I had Haley. He couldn’t fight his disease either (cancer) But he’s healthy and whole in Heaven now too! And my grandparents, who are now all home with Jesus, my dad & Jerry. I miss them so much and wish I had had time to enjoy them as an adult. What I wouldn’t give to run Maw-Maw Brown to “Wal-Marts” or pour Pa-Pa Brown a glass of buttermilk. (that I thought was so gross as a kid). Or to take Me-Maw & Pa-Pa Jack to the Western Sizzlin on Quintard after church on Sunday. They went home way too early. But I do know that I have an eternity. They left lasting fingerprints on who I am, and for that I am grateful.

Haley & Abbey: I thank God for my girls! They’re the most big-hearted, funny, yet-completely different, precious girls I know. Yes, I know I’m their mom and I’m suppose to say these things. But it’s true. They love with all they are, even risking their own tender hearts. They’re definitely not without fault. But they’re mine.

And Pete! The man is a saint! I’m telling you his wings are waiting in Heaven. Come on, he’s married to me! I am thankful for my “Steady Eddie”. He keeps me balanced and takes care of the things that this “creative, all-over-the-map, has- always-got-something-going” Lucy doesn’t have a clue about. And most times, doesn’t care to. He’s lived through every “I’ve gotta lose weight” to the “but it was on sale” times. And all the ones in between. He loves his family and takes great care of all his girls. I am abundantly blessed.

God: Father, you saved me so many years ago, and have continued saving me from myself ever since. There are 2 types of pits that exist. The ones that you just end up in and the ones that you dive head first into. I have found myself in both. And if the truth be told, more the latter than the former. God, I am thankful today that YOU rescued me from both. As Beth Moore says, “If I breathe in deep enough, I can still smell the smoke”. God, that is where I am and where I want to be. By only your grace did You rescue me, sat my feet on solid ground, and put a new song in my mouth. I’m resting on the banks of that pit. Definitely out of it. But still close enough to smell the smoke. If I stay right here, I can’t forget where I’ve been. But I can see with Your eyes where You are taking me. Resting and relying on You. That’s where I have to be.

So, I guess the top 3 are the top 3 for a reason. God, Family, Friends. That is what I am thankful for today. How ’bout you?

Happy Thanksgiving!

From me & my beautiful family!

Dave's Turkey Brine Recipe

By popular demand, listeners far and wide are clamoring for Dave’s Turkey Brine Recipe. So . . . here it is:


  1. 3/4 cup Kosher salt
  2. 3/4 cup brown sugar
  3. 1 gallon water
  4. 1/4 cup coarse black pepper

Heat water/sugar/salt to rolling boil. Take off burner, add other ingredient. Allow mixture to cool before placing meat into solution.

Place 10-12 lb. turkey in non-reactive container (extra large zip lock or cooler) and cover with brine. Refrigerate for minimum of 24 hours, preferrably 48 hours.

Tip: Water is optional. Any liquids will do for brining; just
try to avoid acidic liquids. You can substitute some or all of the water with whatever your heart desires. Wine, beer, fruit juices (apple is especially good), or vinegars all make good liquid base for your brine.

Tip: You can add herbs and spices to the brine. Any herb,
spice, sweetener, fruit, vegetable will work; let your imaginations run wild!
Think of a brine as a soup, there can be a lot of complexity in soup or just simple ones.

Remove turkey from the refridgerator and discard brine. Rinse turkey three times, pat dry.

Now cook the turkey as you would normally. We sprinkled a little Tony Cachere Cajun seasoning on the bird and stuffed the cavity with orange slices and roasted in the oven. We did roast it breast side down until the 20 minutes of cooking, then turned it breast side up for that 20 minutes.

After cooking, remove the turkey from the oven and let it rest on the counter for about 15-20 minutes before carving.



Just because I loved this story!

In the opposite corner of my world is a beautiful (yes, I’m talking drop-dead gorgeous!) young woman named Sarah. You may not know Sarah, but she is an Afternoon Personality/Host on KCMS in Seattle. She’s also wife to Joel and mommy to an equally beautiful daughter, Olivia. Sarah and I are “industry” friends, and keep up with one another via twitter, our blogs, mutual friends, and . . . well . . . the industry!

I was reading Sarah’s blog the other day and saw this story! I loved it on so many different levels. First, I love when people openly share how God is real to them, and how He always seems to work things out. And so many times, we think He’s just working it out in one area, not realizing that He’s using something to work out MANY things! Additionally, much of the time “Money” talks in the church get such a bad rap. People tend to forget that it ALL belongs to God anyway and that we’re just the managers. How refreshing that Sarah TOTALLY got that! And lastly, as I’ve shared many times, I didn’t get to have the relationship that I wanted with my Dad. It tenders my heart to know that she does.

Enjoy! :)

Click Here to read more of Sarah’s Blog entries.

And here’s a picture of Sarah & her baby girl, Olivia. (See, I told you they were beautiful!)

I’d Like To Buy A Vowel
by: Sarah Taylor

Have I told you this story? Stop me if you’ve heard it. But its one of my favorites to tell, and I’ve been asked to speak at a Womens Conference in January and I feel like this might be part of what I talk about…so I’m going to practice it on you. Ready? Hold on to your seat.

When I was a Senior at the University of Washington, I asked my dad if I could work part-time for him over the summer in order to save up some money. I was also in transition with roommates, so I asked dad if I could move in with him for a few months. Hes a good dad, so he said yes.

I was in church one Sunday, and Pastor Brad was telling our congregation that we were getting ready to expand our church and build more room. Building For Life is what the project was called, and each of us were asked to pray about what God would have us contribute towards the project. I remember feeling a pang in my heart – I knew I wanted to help – but how? I didn’t have any extra money, I was barely hanging on as it was. “Jesus,” I prayed in the pew, “I want to help. I don’t know how. Please show me how.”

A few weeks later, I was sitting at the receptionist desk at my dads business, working on an excel sheet. A co-worker popped by my desk and mentioned something about the television show “Wheel Of Fortune” being in town, taping some special Seattle episodes. She told me they were doing College Week and that I should audition. “You’d be great,” she said. And then she walked away with her fax.

I logged on to Wheel Of Fortunes website and took a look. I entered my name and email and clicked submit. Then I went back to my excel sheet.

A few days later, an email came. I’d been selected to audition….along with about 300 other super-eager-college-hopefuls. We all gathered in a hotel conference room downtown. My dad (remember I told you he was great?) gave me the afternoon off to go call out a few letters and spin a pretend wheel. I mean, how exactly does one audition to play a game show? I will tell you how! It was so funny. The first thing they did was pass out paper with the game “Hangman.” We seriously sat in a room with a #2 pencil and tried to fill in blanks with letters. It reminded me of the SAT’s.

If you passed that round, you got to go to another room. There is where you stood up when your name was called and belted out a letter, any letter at all, at the top of your lungs. I chose the letter R. I yelled it loud, smiled, and sat down. That was it. I am not making this up.

I’m glad I picked R. I think that was the clincher. I feel sorry for the people who picked L or T. They got sent packing.

The Wheel people called me back the next day – I’d made the cut. I would be one of the 15 people who would be spinning the Wheel – for real. I would be meeting (hold your breath) – Pat and Vanna.

To me, this whole thing was just too funny. The producers said I needed to get a college sweatshirt and wear it for the show. I didn’t have one, so I drove to my school’s book store and complained about paying $60.00 for a UW sweatshirt.

Flash-forward to the day of the taping. We were at the Convention Center downtown, and I was super excited. They kept all of us contestants in the back room, unable to talk to anyone, for fear of cheating or breaking some game-show rule or something. I don’t know how cheating could happen, but whatever. The point is, I found myself behind the set, and in one fraction of a second, it hit me. I was here because of God.

God whispered to my heart – “Sarah, you prayed that I would do something through you for your church’s building project? Well, hello! Do you think it’s any accident that you’re here?”

OH! I got it now! “Jesus,” I prayed with a huge grin. “Whatever I win today is YOURS!”

That took away all my nerves. I knew I was on a special mission, and nothing was going to stop me. I was gonna spin that wheel with all I had – and call out my letters with gusto.

That day, I came in second place according to the score boards, but in my heart, I knew it was much more. My cash and prizes were over 11,500 dollars. Now, taxes took pretty much half of that, but I didn’t care. Just wait until Pastor Brad got a load of this!

The next Sunday, I slipped a note to Pastor Brad after the service. I laughed out loud when my cell phone rang that afternoon. “Now let me get this straight,” he began with a smile. “Is this for real?”

I told Pastor Brad the story, and he encouraged me to share it with the congregation the next Sunday. I began to write out what I was going to say.

**May I pause for a moment, and let you know that this begins the best part of the story? This is God about to do exceedingly and abundantly more than all I could ever ask or think.**

When I started to write my words, the words of the story I’d tell the church, I found myself getting nervous to speak in front of a large group of people. So I needed to practice on someone….someone safe….someone like Dad.

It was perfect since I was living with him at the time.

But before I go on, I need to let you know that my dad was not really the church-going type. He had been when he was younger, back when he was in high school and college he went all the time. But for the past decade at least, he and I hadn’t talked about our faith much together, nor had we been in church together. I had a Bible engraved with his name and gave it to him for that previous Fathers Day, but I had doubted it had been opened. I didn’t want to push him, I wanted to respect him, so I didn’t know how he would take the words I was about to read to him regarding Wheel Of Fortune and my plans for the money. What would he say?

I read my speech anyway.

And what did he say? Nothing, at first. Because his eyes were filled with tears.

“Sarah,” said my dad.

He paused.

“I am rededicating my life to the Lord.”

It was that moment that I knew – I knew – I knew that was why all of this had happened. It was why I was in church that one Sunday. It’s why I felt a pang in my heart – wanting to help raise money for our church. It was why I was on that game show. It was why I was asked to speak. It was why. He was why.

It started out that I just wanted to help bring in money for our church to bring in more people. Little did I know, the first person would be my dad.

“Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” Luke 15:4-7

I don't mean to be this way . . .

It just happens.

So . . . the office manager walks into my office yesterday and says, “Um, Carmen . . . um, how can we help you with this?” To which my reply was, “help me with what?”

And then she quickly pointed, and said “This” . . . (See pic below)

This is what some folks would call a “hot spot”. Mine’s probably better described as an inferno.

To Karen, our office manager, this is insanity! And it probably is. But I don’t know how to not be this way. It just happens. I’m somewhat organized, but not totally. I get started, but then get sidetracked and never quite finish the job. But then once I’m somewhat organized, I’m not organized enough to stay organized.
It’s a sickness, I’m sure. But isn’t the first step to healing admission? OK, I admit it.


Bill & I introduced The United Tour last night at Ruth Eckerd Hall. For those of you not familiar with this tour, it’s Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman. Arguably, the two biggest – and for sure most recognizable – names in Contemporary Christian Music. Add Amy Grant to this list and those were the only 3 names I knew when I entered CCM radio land 4 1/2 years ago. And though that is not true today, out of the 3 I just named, Steven Curtis Chapman is without question the most special to me.

It was March 2001 that I attended my first Christian concert. It was at Carpenter’s Home Church and it was Steven Curtis Chapman! I didn’t know a lot of the songs, but I sure liked them. (Coincidentally, it was also at that same show that I met some folks at The JOY FM and exchanged business cards with the GM – NEVER thinking in a million years that this would be my future home!) God is good!

I have been a Christian since I was 11, but I’d never experienced anything like I did that March night. Briefly, there were 2 climatic points for me that evening. The first was not even during Steven’s set. And it really wasn’t when he brought out Steve Saint, the son of murdered missionary Nate Saint. It was when Steve Saint shared his testimony of how his father was savagely killed, and then introduced us to Minkaye, the Ecudorian Indian responsible for the death. Minkaye walked out and the two men embraced, friends. It was in that moment, that I understood what true forgiveness really looked like. The second, of course, was when Steven shared how they came to adopt their first daugther, Shaohannah, from China at the encouragement of their oldest daughter, Emily. And it was in that moment, that I understood what it meant to be an orphan for the first time. It crystallized for me how God truly feels about orphans. We are ALL adopted sons & daughters. Praise God that He loves orphans!

I cried for 2 weeks after that night.

And most likely will from last night.

At Maria’s Memorial Service in May, Matt Redman sang, Blessed Be Your Name. The line goes….”You give and take away, but still I choose to say Blessed Be Your Name”. I’ll never ever forget that day, and can assure you’ve I’ve never heard or sang the song the same since. And I can confidently say that this is true for Dave, too. So…what does Smitty and Steven open with last night? Blessed Be Your Name! (The tears are coming again just typing it!) It was one thing to be standing in the church, hearing Matt Redman singing those lines and seeing the entire Chapman family hands raised in the air, crying out in their grief. But to see Steven, eyes red with tears, sing it last night as a broken, yet confident-in-hope man, touched me to the core.

The 2nd “moment” was when Steven sang Yours. He sang the orginal song and then paused before the new verse. He thanked everyone for praying, and talked a little about how they’re all doing. In the original song, the verses are about walking the different roads in this world…Nashville, London, Singapore, Manila, and Shaghai, and how it’s all “yours God”.

The new verse, after Maria’s death, includes walking a very different road:

I’ve walked the valley of death’s shadow
So deep and dark that I could barely breathe
I’ve had to let go of more than I could bear
And questioned everything that I believe
But still even here
in this great darkness
A comfort and hope come breaking through
As I can say in life or death
God we belong to you.

With the last line, everyone rose to their feet in a standing ovation communicating, “we believe this too, we’re with you, and we love you”.

Lastly, when it came time to sing Cinderella, Steven shared again of the evening that inspired him to write the song. He was trying to give the younger girls a bath, get them ready for bed, and pray (immediate family only) with them as quickly as he could because he had a big meeting the next morning. Once this was (barely) accomplished and many hours later, he sat at his desk, thought of the girls dancing in their Cinderella nightgowns, his daughter Emily and her upcoming marriage and penned the song Cinderella.

After the accident, he told his wife Mary Beth that he’d never be able to sing Cinderella again. Or so he thought. After returning to the stage, he was still in the process of reconciling his grief with all of the songs of hope that he had sang his entire career. In a moment, he thought of something that Martin Luther had said, “the only 2 days that matter are THIS day and THAT day”. THIS day that we’re living in now. And THAT day when we see Jesus face to face. And it is how we live THIS day that will ready us for THAT day. Steven realized that he still had 2 young daugthers, an older daughter that was about to get married, and of course his wife and 2 sons. It became abundantly clear that if he really believed in THAT day then he really would dance with Maria again. And with that hope, he can and does sing Cinderella. However, he has changed that one up a bit too. Instead of “the clock will strike midnight and she’ll be gone.” He sings. “the clock will stike midnight and I know the dance will go on”.

And that’s because on THIS day he knows THAT day is coming.

Do you?

My 1st Picture Montage!!

I’m so stoked! I just completed my first picture montage with this really cool website called I’ve seen several of my friends use it, and decided to check it out today. It’s so stinkin’ cool! Up until now, my picture montages have been I chose “Same Kind of Different As Me” as my first montage. These photos are from the last several years, and are of my very dear friends, Ron Hall & Denver Moore, authors of…you guessed it…Same Kind of Different As Me.



Dishon Disaster #3 at Monday Night Football . . .

Me & my buddy Brian acting juvenile AGAIN! But it sure is fun capturing people’s reaction on video.

BTW, have I mentioned that Brian is an Elder at his church? Yep, he is! Just ask his pastor, Pete Wilson at! As a matter of fact, Pete has posted both of our other videos. Cool Pastor!! I get a kick out of reading the comments on his blog. I’m known as the “Snort Lady” at their church. Great. All I can think of is the verse in the bible…”They will know you by your love.” For me? “They will know you by your snorts!”


Rub-a-dub-dub, 3 Men in a . . .

in a convertible? :)


A few pics of my friends from middle Tennessee .

Me & Amers! This was the most gorgeous evening I’ve experienced this year! And the company was even mo betta. :)

Are you ready for some football? The Colts vs The Titans on Monday Night Football. Tho, it didn’t turn out the way I would’ve preferred, I had a blast with my friends from PLG (Provident Label Group)
Steve, me, AJ, Brian
(you may recognize Brian from some very fun videos that we’ve filmed!)

Having some fun before the game! Did I mention it was FREEZING?!

My screaming “Let’s go Pey Pey” didn’t work this time!

Times are tough when your label friends feed you stuff from the bottom of the sea! JK! I love sushi! Brian, with EMI reps Tomlin. You might have heard of him. Thiele that is. Not Tomlin. Photographer: Josh :)

Don’t even ask. I do not know him, and he’s not one of my friends from Nashville. He just happened to be sitting at the next table when me and my girlfriend, Andrea were having dinner. Not sure, but I’m thinking he may have had too much “sweet tea”. He kept telling the restaurant that he was a walrus. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
Lastly, (but certainly NOT least) – my lil’ bro BFF, Brandon Heath had a #1 party for “Give Me Your Eyes”. Yep, it’s a monster hit – and I couldn’t be more proud. And it totally worked out for me to attend for a few minutes on my way to the airport. Yay!! I was honored to see him recognized by ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors & Performers). This one will always be extra special to me because it was on the way home from JOY FM listener, Melissa Moore’s Memorial Service (where Brandon sang) that he played me the “rough cut” of this song. I loved it then. And still do today.

Here’s my takeaway from my short trip to Nashville . . . I’ve been going to Nashville, several times a year . . . for years. As most of you know, I got my start in radio in another format before Contemporary Christian – one of which I will always love and will forever be grateful for that time. However, the qualitative difference in my professional relationships now is that they have Christ at the center of them. I’ve known most of these folks less than 4 years, but feel like I’ve known them forever. I think that’s how God intended it to be when we have community as brothers and sisters.

I pray you have community, too.

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”
Proverbs 27:17

A Message to Dave & Bill #2 . . .

Meet our friend, Jim Houser. Actually, if you’ve listened to the show any time at all, then you already know Jim. Jim is Steven Curtis Chapman’s manager, but I much prefer to introduce him as one of our bestest buddies in Nashvegas! He lives in Nashville with his BEAUTIFUL wife, Sarah and their 3 BEAUTIFUL children! (OK – Jim, you are BEAUTIFUL, too!)

As you can imagine, life has been a blur for Jim the last 5 months or so. He’s been the spokesperson, encourager, brother, and one of the primary caretakers to The Chapman’s. He’s also had well over a million hits to his blog, The House Mix, corresponding and updating our larger community as to how the Chapman’s are doing, and how we can continue to pray for them. (BTW – please keep Jim in your prayers, too!) His blog has made me laugh, made me cry, made me question, but ultimately – it has brought me comfort. The one line that I will forever remember that Jim shared in the depth of his grief was this: “The gospel better be true”. And Praise Jesus, we know that we know that IT IS!

I had a chance to see my friend this week, and he had a little message for Dave & Bill.


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